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What is Olive Helps?

Olive Helps is a lightweight desktop application that provides human workers with real-time intelligence by sensing the user’s needs and surfacing the right information at the right time in the right context. It’s a personal digital sidekick that lives on the side of the screen and is triggered through applications we call “Loops.”

What is a Loop?

Loops, analogous to apps in an app store, are programs that work on the Olive Helps platform to provide real-time intelligence to users. These Loops are created by Olive, technology partners and health systems, and will be available through the Loop Library.

What is the Loop Library?

The Loop Library is the app store from which users can select their Olive Helps Loops.

How does Olive Helps sense my needs?

Olive Helps includes a collection of sensors that allow Olive Helps to observe and learn from the work humans are doing. For example, Olive may notice you are typing the name of a given provider or hospital via a keyboard sensor, which triggers it to surface the address and phone number in real time.

What is a Whisper?

Real-time intelligence that is communicated to the human via Olive Helps will surface in the form of a card within the Olive Helps application. These are called Whispers.

Who builds Loops?

Olive and Olive’s partners (enterprise tech companies, startups, consultants, etc.) will create Global Loops, which will be available to everyone through the Loop Library. Health systems and hospitals will also have the ability to create Loops. If you’re interested in becoming a developer, please contact us by clicking here and submitting a form.

What is the Loop Development Kit (LDK)? Is it the same as an SDK?

The LDK is an SDK for creating Loops. Loop developers can use the LDK to create Loops that enable truly customized Loop development and reach a wide audience through the Loop Library. Olive Helps provides a sophisticated platform for the development of Loops with the inheritance of Olive’s advanced security compliance.

How do I know if a Loop is any good?

The Olive Loop Library enables reviews and ratings, much like an app store. Olive also reviews each Loop prior to it being published in the Loop Library.

Using Olive Helps

How do I download and install Olive Helps?

Please refer to the Olive Helps Installation Guide for detailed instructions on installing Olive Helps.

How do I quit or log out of Olive Helps?

You can find “Quit Olive Helps” and “Logout” options in the menu in your Olive Helps sidebar.

I have a multi-monitor setup. How do I select which monitor Olive Helps will show up on?

The menu in your Olive Helps sidebar gives you the option to select the monitor you’d like Olive Helps to show up on. Please note that Olive Helps will remain on the right side of the monitor you select.

Are there keyboard shortcuts I can use to make my interaction with Olive Helps quicker?

Open the Global Search bar: Ctrl + O (or CMD + O on Mac) Hide/Show the Olive Helps sidebar: Ctrl + H (or CMD + H on Mac)

Can I change where on my screen Olive Helps shows up? I’d like the Olive Helps sidebar to be on the left side. Is this possible?

Yes, Olive Helps can be set up to show on the right or left side of your screen.

Can I access Olive Helps on my phone?

Olive Helps is not available as a mobile application but may be in the future. Stay tuned!

How does Olive Helps interact with electronic health record (EHR) systems such as Epic?

Olive Helps does not interact directly with EHR systems today, but we prioritize integrations based on feedback we hear from customers. However, since Olive Helps uses sensors to know how users are working, it can sense text typed into your EHR or copied out of it.

When will I get access to more Loops from the Loop Library?

Olive is actively building partnerships with the goal to create Loops that will bring real-time intelligence to users in varied areas of healthcare. We have several Loops in development that will be available soon. Much like apps in an app store, Loop building will be an ongoing process post-launch as well.

My question is not on this list. What do I do?

If you need additional help or have other questions, please connect with us through this form and an Olivian will get back to you.

Will I need to run software updates on Olive Helps like I do with my iPhone?

Yes, as we roll out new updates to the Olive Helps software you or an administrator in your organization will have to install them — just like you’d update iOS on your iPhone. This will ensure that you have the latest product capabilities and security features. If there’s a new version of Olive Helps available, an “update available” Whisper will appear when Olive Helps starts. Just click the update button and wait for Olive Helps to restart. As new versions of your Loops are released, those can be updated through the Loop Library too — just like you’d update apps on your iPhone through the App Store.